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Thread: OQO battery

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    OQO battery

    Why won't my battery charge?

    When I look at the battery meter it says 'no battery'.

    Hope someone can help.


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    Re: OQO battery

    You probably left it depleted for too long. See . Cheers.
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    Re: OQO battery

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbu View Post
    ...the battery meter it says 'no battery'...
    You could try removing and reinstalling the battery...very carefully. (Just to make sure it's fully connected.) Also, if it doesn't go on and off the back of the OQO as easily as when it was new, it may be expanding. If that's the case you want to get a new battery soon because it will continue to expand making it harder to remove and may also interfere with the hard drive preventing boot up.
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